Terms and conditions

  1. All vehicles are sold as auction/trade Sale vehicles.
  2. The vehicle is sold as seen and no advice or description, oral, written obtained by you from Delta Salvage Ltd will create any warranty not expressly stated in the terms and conditions.
  3. No guarantees are offered or given whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of satisfaction, quality or fitness for any particular purpose.
  4. Delta Salvage Ltd makes no guarantee to supply a Vehicle Registration Document (V5) with any vehicle.
  5. Any deposit paid will be non returnable.
  6. Delta Salvage Ltd will not accept any cash payment over £7,000 (euro9,000)
  7. 24 hours notice is required before vehicles will be released for collection unless otherwise arranged and agreed and indicated on the receipt.
  8. Proof of purchase in the form of the original receipt/e-correspondence will be required before a vehicle will be released to a purchaser or their representative.
  9. Balances on vehicles are due within seven days of payment of any deposit, after such time the deposit will not be returned and the vehicle will be advertised for resale,
  10. Personal cheques are accepted, but will require full clearance before any vehicle will be released to the purchaser. Contact us before assuming payment in this manner.
  11. Banker’s Drafts will be accepted only following clearance to our satisfaction.
  12. No refund will be given in any case.
  13. Every vehicle is an insurance total loss and maybe recorded on national registers as such HPI. Responsibility lies with the customer to check this status prior to purchase.
  14. No responsibility is accepted if the damage or parts missing differ from that described/advertised. Delta Salvage Ltd is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate data entry, human error or other errors or omissions.
  15. No guarantee is given in respect of originality of components,
  16. No guarantee is given in respect of mileage.
  17. No guarantee is given in respect of make and model.
  18. No guarantee is given in respect of engines size or fitness for use,
  19. No guarantee is given in terms of registrations quoted, responsibility lies with the customer to check this.
  20. No guarantee is given in terms of year of registration.
  21. Responsibility lies with the purchaser to check the vehicles credit status.
  22. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring the vehicle complies with current road traffic regulations before use on the public highway.
  23. Delta Salvage Ltd and its Internet Service Providers make no warranty or guarantee that the service offered will not be disrupted, secure, timely or free from errors, nor will it be responsible for technical malfunctions, omissions, deletions, defects and failures arising from failure of our services.
  24. Delta Salvage Ltd reserves the right to refuse any bid without explanation offered and will not enter into any correspondence arising from this.
  25. Delta Salvage Ltd makes no warranty or guarantee that downloaded information, files, images or material thereof is safe and will not cause damage to your computer
  26. It is your responsibility to keep details of your account, user name and password secure. You must report any breaches of security real or suspected immediately to Delta Salvage Ltd. You must also log-out of your account at the end of each session.
  27. Delta Salvage Ltd reserves the right to suspend or delete your account and all related file without notice. Delta Salvage Ltd shall not be responsible for any liabilities to your or any third parties arising from such a deletion or suspension.

Payment & collection

Payment must be made within 3 days of acceptance of the offer by bank transfer, cash. debit or credit card (2% surcharge applies). Cheques are accepted but we must have confirmation from our bank that the funds are cleared before the vehicle will be released.

Collection of the vehicle from us must be within 5 working days (24 hours notice needed), otherwise storage will accrue at £15/day or part thereof (+vat) and this will need to be paid before the vehicle will be released.

Proof of ID will be required at point of sale.

A 10% deposit is payable on offline sales at the point of sale.